New Voices: Lebanon

Seven immigrant writers of the Upper Valley read at the Kilton Library in West Lebanon, each on the idea of home.  The three professional writers were Judith Hertog, essayist and journalist, Julie Puttgen, artist, meditation teacher, therapist, and nonfiction writer, and Ewa Chrusciel, a poet writing in both Polish and English. They introduced four writers in Glenna Coleman's Adult Learner Services ESL class, Jie Zhou from China, Binli Han from China, Sonia Araujo from Brazil and Lily Deng from China.

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Jie Zhou, a statistician at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, wrote to us after reading an essay about his life in China at the New Voices event. Here is part of what he said:

"I feel that I became a real part of the community… In my view, one of the event's aims is to prompt the local people and immigrants to better know each other, to form a better community for all. The story-telling event did achieve this aim well. It let the newcomer feel the acceptance from local people which will certainly impact their mindset and behavior positively in their coming life. Most of them will be grateful for the acceptance and will pass such kindness to other people in their life. I hope such events can be held regularly."

Please meet the readers:

Judith Hertog is an essayist, journalist, and teacher. She grew up in Amsterdam but immigrated to Israel as a teenager, and, after some wandering around the world, eventually ended up living in Vermont with her family. 

Ewa Chrusciel is a poet, teacher and translator. She has three books of poems in English: Of Annunciations, Contraband of Hoopoe, Strata, as well as three books in Polish: Tobołek, Sopiłki, and Furkot. Her book Contraband of Hoopoe, translated into Italian by Anna Aresi, is forthcoming in Italy.

Julie Püttgen is an artist, meditation teacher, and therapist who writes weekly creative non-fiction essays for the love of it. A first-generation immigrant to the U.S., she is delighted to connect with other new Americans.

Sonia De Araújo is an electronic technician, from São Paulo Brazil. She is outgoing, she loves to live, and she enjoys making new friends. She believes that connecting people makes life better. Her motto for life is to see what is better in each individual and bring people together whenever possible. Passionate about her family, she is capable to face adversities to protect them no matter what.

Lily Deng comes from Beijing, China. She has worked as a middle school teacher and a civil servant, and is now a mother of two children. She came to the U.S. in March 2018 with her husband, who is a visiting scholar at Dartmouth College. This summer, she will start her study at the Community College of Vermont.

Binli Han was born in Xi’an, China. She studied management in college in China. She worked as a sales consultant in office furniture industry in Shanghai. She lived in the Netherlands for 2 years prior to moving to US in 2017. She is married with 3 year-old son.

Jie Zhou came to the U.S. in July 2018 with his wife and son. Before he came to US, he worked in XIdian University of China as Statistician. Now he works in DHMC, still as a statistician. He lives in Lebanon.   

Thank you to our hosts at
Kilton Library