Our Mission & Impact

New Hampshire Humanities connects people and ideas by funding and supporting statewide programs that inspire curiosity, foster civil dialogue, and explore big questions.

We envision a future where people come together to learn about themselves and others, appreciate different perspectives, and promote the common good.

Our Values:

We believe that education is a lifelong process and is vital to each individual and to the strength of our communities, our state, and the nation. We believe that engagement with the humanities and their capacity to explore stories within the American experience is critical to understanding the democratic process and can enrich the lives of all people in New Hampshire. The quality and integrity of our programs, grants, and opportunities requires that they be offered by, accessible to, and in collaboration with a diverse group of people, especially the voices of those whose stories have not been fully or accurately represented throughout history. In fulfilling our mission to reach all people of this state, we strive to be inclusive and equitable in all that we do.

New Hampshire Humanities believes in diversity, equity, access, inclusion, and respect for all as bedrock values for the humanities. Our work is centered around building partnerships with diverse organizations and communities across the state to support a culture of inclusion. We are New Hampshire focused and will continue to evolve and serve Granite Staters now and in the future.

For 50 years, New Hampshire Humanities has been connecting people to culture, history, places, ideas, and one another.

We bring the thrill of discovery and the power of ideas to people of all walks of life, from all corners of our state.

We support local cultural and educational institutions by awarding grants for innovative educational programs and capacity building.

We invite citizens to reason together, to learn from and listen to one another.

We offer teachers cost-effective, content-rich professional development that strengthens the teaching of the humanities in our schools, from civics to Native American history.

And we develop communities of readers, especially among those struggling with literacy and those new citizens just learning about their new culture and government.

To learn more about the work of New Hampshire Humanities and its partners, view this short video we recently produced with Heartwood Media.



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