We all think we know the story of Benedict Arnold, the American Revolutionary War general who fought for the Continental Army but then defected to the British. Recalled mainly as a traitor for his 1780 defection Arnold had risked his life and fortune for American freedom in courageous exploits between 1775 and 1778, when the dream of independence was at its most fragile. As an officer in the Continental Army, Arnold ably led American forces in desperate circumstances against impossible odds, in a blinding snowstorm, through a howling wilderness, and against the extraordinary might of the Royal Navy. George Morrison will take you on a journey through New England, Canada, and New York, tracing the complex story of this infamous American icon.

George Morrison earned a BA in History at the University of New Hampshire. He served for 27 years as a high school teacher. A long-time researcher of unpublished primary sources, Morrison has contributed to the work of numerous aviation historians and artists in several countries. He is a life-long photographer, historian, and motorcyclist. Morrison has already traveled over 18,000 miles in the course of researching monuments and memorials, an interest sparked by a puzzling 1918 monument inscription.