Vietnam War program is now available through Humanities to Go!

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In partnership with NHPBS, short films from Ken Burns’ and Lynn Novick’s PBS documentary, THE VIETNAM WAR, are the basis for a new Humanities to Go program. A trained facilitator will present a short video to prompt discussion and reflection about one of the most consequential and divisive events in American history. The two programs must be booked as separate Humanities To Go events, and the host site must provide a DVD or Blu-ray player.

Program 1: The Vietnam War: Diverse Perspectives

This 28-minute video includes war stories told by an American journalist, an anti-war activist, an American author and combat soldier, a Vietnamese author and soldier of the North Vietnamese Army, hero mothers, a South Vietnamese refugee, an ARVN officer, and several U.S. Marines.

Program 2: The Vietnam War: Veteran Voices

This 21-minute video features war stories told by American, North Vietnamese, and South Vietnamese soldiers. One story explores moral injury by following a disabled Vietnam Marine veteran who supports young warriors deployed during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

View the trailer HERE.