The Plan

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Essay by Jason H., Connections participant, based on the book "The Plan," by Alison Paul, with pictures by Barbra Lehman

A good plan always starts with an idea and a pencil. You are going to want to write it down if it is a fantastic idea worth remembering. May has decided she wants to fly to the planet Saturn using her mom’s old airplane. Can you guess the name of the airplane? Its name is The Mighty Comet. May even has the blueprints to the airplane.

May is writing down how she is going to accomplish this fantastic Idea. She can see her mother’s airplane outside the window. Talk about inspiration. Her best friend is Rex the Dog. Rex has to be one of the smartest dogs in the world. He is helping May complete her goal and fly that airplane to the planet Saturn.

Every morning before she can start her project to fly to Saturn, she must first help her Daddy and do some chores. He Daddy owns a farm. Today she is planting potatoes. It is very hot outside today. It does not take long for Rex and May to start panting. It is very hard work and it is very hot outside. She also has to hang the wet laundry on the cloths line. When May hangs her daddy’s work pants a key falls out. May is surprised and says to Rex “I wonder what lock this key goes to?”

May, Rex, and her Daddy sit down to lunch. Her Daddy is reading a report. He than goes to starts washing the pans. While May’s daddy is busy washing the pans May and Rex sneak into her Daddy’s room. May tries the key on her Daddy’s desk but it doesn’t fit. Rex finds a memory album on the bookshelf. Look can you see that there is a lock on it? Do you think the key will fit the lock? May says “I bet the key will fit this lock. It matches.”

May puts the key into the lock. She starts to turn the key. Guess what?  IT WORKED!!!!  May opens the album and looks inside. She sees pictures of her Mommy. It’s a album of her Mommy’s flying career. May sees all kinds of picture of her Mommy flying. There is even a picture of May and her Mommy sitting in the airplane. This makes her sad a little. Her Mommy went to Heaven when she was younger. May doesn’t stay sad for long though. She wants to fly just like her Mommy did. 

She thinks about it with Rex. They decide to show her Daddy the plans May came up with to fly to Saturn. So they go into the kitchen and hand him the plan book. Her Daddy opens the book and looks at the plans. He gets a thoughtful smile on his face.

May’s Daddy takes her and Rex into the attic of the barn. They start to look at all the stud from May’s Mommy’s flying adventures. May finds a treasure chest loaded with her Mommy’s flying clothes. May tries some on and they fit. Her Daddy finds and old announcement sign. 

May’s Daddy posts the sign announcing to come see The Mighty Comet Fly!!! They also decide to have a picnic. They are having corn on the cob and watermelon-- YUMMY. Rex is even enjoying the watermelon but he spits the pits out.

May’s Daddy gets a pint of red paint and paints on the sign May’s name. He is so proud of May. She has worked so hard. He is very happy to tell the world how special his little girl is.

May and her Daddy also go and touch up the paint on The Mighty Comet. May is helping paint the wings, while her Daddy helps paint the body. Even Rex is helping to paint. When they get done painting the airplane they step back to admire their hard work and to let the paint dry. All three after go and pick flowers. They go to May’s Mommy’s grave. They bring her flowers and they are all a little sad. May misses her Mommy. Her Daddy does to. Rex is with them to give them lots of love. Her Daddy knows that May’s Mommy would be very proud of her today. 

They go back to the house and pack a picnic. It is going to be a long trip to get to the planet Saturn. They know they will need a snack. They get dressed up in their flying clothes and go have  their picture taken. They grab their luggage and start marching towards the plain where there airplane is parked. They taxied their airplane and took off. All of their friends came to wave them goodbye. 

So you see if you plan something and work real hard there is a very good chance you will complete your goals. So do not forget when you plan something, that you work very hard at it. Now let's all say goodbye to May and her family and say Bon Voyage!!!!!

The End.

Well now I really hope you liked my interpretation of this story. I worked real hard on it for you three to enjoy. I want you to know I believe in you and I LOVE YOU!!! Make sure you always work hard in life. Anything of value is going to be hard work but the rewards are always worth it. 

You three are my best friends. And I love you so much. Please don’t forget to share this with your friends and siblings. I bet Tessa will like this story too. So please be very good and I can't wait to see you again. I Love You To The Moon And Back Forever And Ever.

Your Daddy, Jason H.