Stewart awarded Society for Classical Studies Outreach Prize

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The Society for Classical Studies (SCS) has awarded Dr. Roberta Stewart of Dartmouth College its prestigious Outreach Prize for her work in developing book discussion groups with military veterans. Professor Stewart's long-running initiative is now a major collaborative project of New Hampshire Humanities and funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

In announcing the award, the prize committee shared these words: "Even in today's busy, noisy, and self-absorbed world, the passionate, quiet, and selfless work of the individual does not remain unnoticed. We are proud to offer the 2017 SCS Outreach Prize to Roberta Stewart for her tireless pursuit of healing and social justice through engaging veterans in reading and discussing Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. By teaching them how to appropriate the two epics as living texts, she has given veterans, as one of them put it, the controlling voice in processing their experiences and their Odyssean stories of homecoming in particular." Congratulations, Roberta!

To learn more about how the book discussion groups continue to reach veterans and families around the state, visit

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Photo: Dr. Roberta Stewart gets a lesson in body armor at one of her earlier book discussion groups for veterans.