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Here’s a sampling of the programs available to bring to your community through our Humanities to Go speakers bureau:


Evolving English: From Beowulf & Chaucer to Texts & Tweets

Karolyn Kinane presents a lively, interactive crash course in the medieval English language, specifically the poetry of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. Participants will have the opportunity to read and recite medieval poetry aloud in a fun, relaxed environment. Kinane discusses the events that sparked linguistic transitions from the Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman eras to the Middle English era, the Black Death, and the invention of the printing press. Learn how these medieval events are still embedded in the English we speak today and how modern inventions and events continue to shape language.

Personal Privacy in Cyberspace

Many Americans feel their privacy is threatened by information technology and favor stronger privacy legislation. At the same time, people support the use of information technology to serve them quickly and efficiently in various ways. In this program, Herman Tavani explores whether we can have it both ways and the serious ethical dilemma that arises if not.

Big and Small Players in the New Great Game: Afghanistan and its Region

This lecture provides a view of Afghanistan and the surrounding region through images and the stories of individuals who live there. Throughout the presentation, Rachel Lehr will illustrate how ordinary lives and people are impacted by international politics and economics. Their personal experiences and research expertise afford a rare view of this misunderstood and complex region.

For information about hosting these or any other Humanities to Go programs, visit www.nhhumanities.org/humanitiestogo.