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Letter from the editor:  If you read Susan Hatem’s captivating message about how we’re expanding our reach and impact, you’ll sense we’re on the cusp of some exciting changes! One of those shifts is redirecting more of our resources – time and money – toward creating richer and more responsive humanities programs that link to our live events and online resources delivered to where our audiences spend their time.

In recent years, we’ve transformed our brand, created a new website and logo, and added digital resources and social media to reach our supporters who, research shows, are increasingly getting their content online. Now we’re embracing a shift from a monthly to a quarterly publication, and we hope you will too.

Beginning in September 2018 the monthly calendar of events will be transformed into a quarterly publication full of reflective, thought-provoking feature stories as well as contributions from our humanities experts and passionate supporters. Because we know many readers value the event listings, we’ll continue to deliver a monthly e-newsletter that links to our events, project highlights, and multi-media features.

You’ll be able to connect right away with the places and people behind them. Curious about how a community came together to confront racism? You’ll be able to click to learn more or watch a video about the project. Concerned about the decline in civics knowledge? Click for ideas about preserving democracy and a civil society.

Condensing our publication schedule doesn't mean we're cutting back on our mission-driven work – it means we're repositioning New Hampshire Humanities to deliver the most relevant programs and be the best steward of the resources you and others have entrusted to us. We hope you’ll join us on this journey!

If you have any questions or are interested in submitting articles, essays, interviews, or simply a testimonial, please email

- Rebecca Kinhan, Communications Director