Humanities@Work brings the world of ideas into your workplace

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Humanities@Work is a new initiative from New Hampshire Humanities that helps employers bring high quality, innovative humanities programs into the workplace, enriching employees’ engagement and quality of life in and outside of work, a key part of any company’s employee retention strategy.

Studies show that skills learned through the humanities are the same qualities that make top-notch employees—the ability to think critically and creatively, innovate, analyze data, solve complex problems, write well, and communicate effectively. Our programs are short, one-hour introductions to the world of ideas that stimulate this kind of individual growth and business culture.

Employers can choose from the many Humanities to Go offerings in our speakers’ bureau or request customized programs to fit your needs. Our programs can be used as part of team-building exercises, diversity training, or personal development and enrichment efforts. Contact Dr. Tricia Peone, Program Manager, to book a Humanities@Work program, and we’ll help you schedule it at a convenient time for you and your staff (lunchtime programs are a popular choice).*

*Our partnership with NH Business & Industry Association and the NH Business Committee for the Arts means that if your company is a member of either organization, you’ll be eligible for a discount. Visit for more information!

Did you know?

Here are some of the many skills do the humanities teach us...

• Critical thinking

• Data analysis

• Reading skills

• Writing skills

• Communication skills

• Empathy

• Self-awareness and

• Problem solving

• Connecting ideas

• Knowledge of cultures/
   languages beyond your own

• Understanding multiple

• Creativity and imagination

• Intellectual curiosity