Donor Spotlight: Elizabeth Dubrelle

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What inspired you to become a monthly donor to NHH?

Every time a restaurant we like closes my husband and I bemoan that it’s gone, but eventually one of us will point out that we hadn’t been there for years. The lesson is that if you value something, you need to support it. All nonprofits have a critical need for day-to-day operating funds. I chose New Hampshire Humanities (NHH) because the work they do is so vital to promoting the cohesiveness of our society. Granite Staters are lucky to have such an outstanding nonprofit to enrich our lives.

What would you tell someone who is considering becoming a monthly donor? 

That your contribution truly matters! Whenever money is given to an organization like NHH, it has a far greater impact than its dollar amount. It’s seed money that NHH will use to fund programs that will in turn generate new ideas and open new doors for others who will ultimately benefit from and contribute to this important work. From your donation, many wonderful things grow!

How does your professional or personal background connect to the humanities? 

As the director of education and public programs at the NH Historical Society, I am passionate about our state’s heritage and how it can be protected and shared. Through our efforts to renew social studies education, I’ve seen how marginalized the humanities have become. Our history is part of the civic glue that holds our nation together, and we’ve taken it for granted. We should be exploring our traditions, our diverse heritage, and all the fun, amazing things people do and have done—these are the things that both set us apart and bind us together.   

What’s your favorite NHH program you’ve attended?

I enjoyed an Open Questions program, “What Does It Mean to be an American?”, led by St. Anselm College professors Max Latona and Joshua Tepley. It was a lively discussion about a difficult topic, and it really made me stop and think about my beliefs and how my assumptions may have colored them. I left that program feeling energized, inspired, enlightened, and entertained! Thank you, Elizabeth!