Black History Month

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In recognition of Black History Month, we offer the following Humanities to Go programs that you can host in your community this year:

All Eyes Are Upon Us: Racial Struggles in the Northeast from Jackie Robinson to Deval Patrick
Presented by Jason Sokol

African-American Submariners of World War II and Beyond
Presented by Glenn Knoblock

The Use of Hiphop Rhetoric to Combat the Criminalization of Black, Brown, and Red Youth
Presented by Marcos Del Hierro

Abby Hutchinson’s Sweet Freedom Songs
Presented by Deborah Anne Goss

I Can’t Die But Once: Harriet Tubman’s Civil War
Presented by Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti

Abolitionists of Noyes Academy
Presented by Dan Billin

African-American Soldiers and Sailors of NH During the American Revolution
Presented by Glenn Knoblock

For full descriptions and an application visit www.nhhumanities/humanitiestogo.