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Civic engagement - working to make a difference in and for one’s community – is the means by which individuals acknowledge they are part of something larger than themselves and take action to contribute to a greater good. The humanities are critical in preparing us to engage as citizens. History, ethics, political philosophy, and literature teach us what we need to know, to consider, to remember, to ask. They give us the skills to communicate and to participate.

In the year ahead, our nation is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote, carrying out the 2020 Census, and holding momentous elections. Through our partnerships, programs, and grants, New Hampshire Humanities will be exploring all things “civ-”, from the nuts and bolts of civics education, to the stories and accomplishments of civilizations, to the power and possibilities of civic engagement. We can’t do this alone. No one can. Check our website for events and resources to get ready and get engaged!

A few examples of programs...

Humanities to Go Public Programs

•  Votes for Women: A History of the Suffrage Movement, presented by Liz Tentarelli
•  A History of the New Hampshire Presidential Primary, presented by John Gfroerer
•  Open Questions philosophical conversations, presented by Kiki Berk, Josh Tepley, Max Latona, Timm Triplett, and Maria Sanders
•  Moved and Seconded: Town Meeting in NH, presented by Rebecca Rule

Connections Discussion Themes

•  How Women Won the Right to Vote
•  The Right to Be
•  Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
•  What Does Democracy Look Like?

Community Project Grants

• Organize a film series like NH Institute for Civics Education’s Lights, Camera, Civics!
• Invite a speaker or a whole panel of thinkers like Black Heritage Trail of NH’s Tea Talks raising awareness of NH’s Black history
• Start community conversations like the Currier Art Museum’s For Freedoms exhibit and town hall meetings

Additional Resources for Civics Learning and Engagement in NH

Civics 101 NHPR:
Citizens Count:
Constitutionally Speaking:
Granite State Organizing Project:
NH Bar Association Law Related Education:
New Hampshire Historical Society:
NH Institute for Civics Education:
NH Listens:

- Susan Hatem, Director of Programs & Grant Making