The Year of New Voices offers a new focus on writing in the Connections reading, writing, and book discussion programs.  To support students as they write, New Hampshire Humanities created "Tell Me More: Encouraging and Developing the Voices of English Learners," a handbook of essays on writing with students, reflections on how we write and why we write, and instruction on ways to discover stories and write them with clarity.  Tell Me More was written by ESL teachers, Connections facilitators, and writers. handbook was launched at Connections workshop that also featured a panel presentation with Alice Fogel, NH Poet Laureate and Connections facilitator; Linda Graham, visual artist and Connections facilitator, and Louise Wrobleski, former site director of the University of New Hampshire Literacy Institutes.

In the Year of New Voices, professional writers will meet English learners in Connections programs. Selected students will have an opportunity to work with the writer, read samples of each other’s work, look for ideas that each have as a thread through their writing. Then English learners, alongside professional writers, will read their poems, stories, and memoirs in “Year of New Voices” readings in New Hampshire communities.

 Tell Me More - a preview of what's inside

Chapters include "1,000 Ways to See, Editing through Conversation" by Carolyn Hutton, instructor in the University of New Hampshire's ESL and Education departments; "Form Opens Up What is Possible" by Mimi White, winner of the Jane Kenyon Poetry Prize; "Shihab Means Shooting Star: Prompts from poetry by Naomi Shihab Nye" by Maren Tirabassi, author and Connections facilitator, "On Public Speaking" by William Badgley, teacher at Dover Adult Learning Center. Educators will also see examples of ways that a Connections program unfolds. For example, facilitator Susan Bartlett's essay on reading the Breadwinner and the poet Rumi with a class shows how a student's knowledge informed the discussion and the class writing. Tell Me More