Panama Treaty Negotiation Simulations

A simulation of the Panama Canal Negotiation Process. Participants will negotiate in teams representing leaders from the United States, Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua, and France. The decisions made during this simulation will determine the location of a canal which, when finished, will bring in a substantial amount of revenue for the country where it is located. During the simulation, participants are to focus on the needs of their country and the personal interests of the individuals they represent. Participants will be expected to create alliances and take advantage of events which will be occurring within the simulated time period (i.e., civil war, natural disasters, etc.) in order to reach the goals outlined in their role sheets. In connection to the history of The Fells, John Milton Hay is one of three roles which will represent United States interests. Roles for the simulation are open to all, ages 15 and up. This simulation was designed by Colby-Sawyer student Sydney Hammond when she served as the Fells Education Intern during the summer of 2018.

This event is free. Advance registration for participants is required. Others are welcome to observe the event in the Fells Pavilion but to make the model work for the participants, observers must attend the full session and refrain from making any sort of interruption to the proceedings. Join us! To inquire or register as a participant, call 603-763-4789, ext. 3.

This program is part of Diplomacy: Then and Now, a series that examines the history of some of the country’s biggest diplomatic efforts and explores the importance of diplomacy in today’s world. Diplomacy: Then and Now is presented by The Fells Historic Estate and Gardens and funded by a New Hampshire Humanities Community Project Grant.