A River Ran Wild

By Lynne Cherry

Almost six centuries ago, by the banks of a clear, clean, sparkling river they named Nash-a-way, a group of Indian people found an idyllic home. Soon English settlers joined the Nashua people by the river. After years of conflict, development, and the growth of factories, towns, and cities along its banks, the Nashua River was no longer clear and clean. The Nashua River was ecologically dead. Inspired by the vision of the people who fought to restore the river to its original state, Lynne Cherry has crated an engrossing, richly illustrated history that will encourage all of us to think anew about the value of our natural resources and what we can do to restore them.

LYNNE CHERRY has devoted her life to sharing her concern about environmental issues with others. Her important children's books also include The Armadillo from Amarillo and two tales from the Amazon rain forest: The Great Kapok Tree and The Shaman's Apprentice. She lives in Washington, D.C.

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