"Past Lives" Podcast

Past LivesNew Hampshire Humanities launched a new podcast series called Past Lives. For our first story, we presented a three part series: The Real Witches of New Hampshire, a collaboration between New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR) and New Hampshire Humanities. In this series, we explore historical cases of witchcraft in New Hampshire along with the stories of modern witches in order to understand how our idea of the witch has changed over time. The Real Witches of New Hampshire is hosted by NHPR’s Justine Paradis and Dr. Tricia Peone. 


Episode 1: The Rarest of Witches

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Episode 2: The Cutting Edge of the Occult

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Episode 3: The Road to Witch City 

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Dr. Tricia Peone holds a Ph.D. from the University of New Hampshire in early American history with a specialization in the history of science. Her scholarship examines the ways that people interpreted their experiences with unexplained or unusual phenomena in the early modern period. Dr. Peone is an expert in early modern witchcraft cases and the history of magic and the occult from the renaissance to today. She has taught classes on the Salem witch trials, colonial New England, and New Hampshire history. She also previously worked as a consultant in the cultural resources industry where she conducted research and analysis for local, state, and federal studies related to historic preservation. 

Justine Paradis is a producer and reporter for New Hampshire Public Radio's Creative Production Unit, most often Word of Mouth and Outside/In. Before NHPR, she produced Millennial podcast from Radiotopia, contributed to podcasts including Love + Radio, and reported for WCAI & WGBH from her hometown of Nantucket island. Before making radio, she ran a mobile wood-fired pizza oven, tended gardens, and sailed the ocean blue.




The Real Witches of NH logo courtesy of NH Public Radio and designed by Sara Plourde.