Humanities to Go Online

New Hampshire Humanities hosts monthly Humanities to Go Online programs. Please contact with any comments, questions, or concerns.

A playlist of all our past Humanities to Go Online presentations on YouTube can be found HERE.

Upcoming talks:

Bearing Witness and the Endurance of Voice, presented by Shanta Lee Gander on Friday, April 16 at 5 pm  REGISTER

Past talks in this series:

Jennie Powers: The Woman Who Dares

Presented by Jenna Carroll on April 3, 2020

A Walk Back in Time: The Secrets of Cellar Holes           

Presented by Adair Mulligan on April 17, 2020

Mindful Writing

Presented by Alex Peary on April 24, 2020

A Walk Back in Time: The Secrets of Cellar Holes 

Presented by Adair Mulligan on May 1, 2020

Brewing in NH: An Informal History of Beer in the Granite State

Presented by Glenn Knoblock on May 8, 2020  WATCH 

Yankee Ingenuity

Presented by Jo Radner on May 15, 2020

How Fresh Water Shaped New Hampshire     

Presented by Jim Rousmaniere on May 22, 2020


Marion Stoddart: The Work of 1000

Presented on May 29, 2020


Ireland’s Great Famine in Irish-American History: Fateful Memory, Indelible Legacy*           

Presented by Mary Kelly on June 5, 2020

Juneteenth: A Historical Celebration of Black Liberation (Black Thought series) 

Presented by JerriAnne Boggis on June 12, 2020  WATCH  

My Problem With White Jesus (Black Thought series)

Presented by Dennis Britton on June 26, 2020  WATCH  

Race, Disease, and Death in 1793 and 2019: A Shocking Parallel (Black Thought series)

Presented by Kabria Baumgartner on July 10, 2020 

Matthew Carey, John Edgar Wideman and The Racist Foundations of American Yellow Fever Literature

Presented by Don Pease on July 17, 2020 

From ‘Black Death’ to ‘New World’: Giovanni Boccaccio’s Decameron           

Presented by Michael William Wyatt on July 24, 2020  WATCH

How to be a Fascist            

Presented by Graziella Parati on July 31, 2020  WATCH 

Odd Things I’ve Seen in New Hampshire 

Presented by J.W. Ocker on August 7, 2020  WATCH 

Fierce Females: Women in Art*            

Presented by Jane Oneail on September 4, 2020  WATCH 

From Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter (Black Thought series)

Presented by Matt Delmont on September 23, 2020  WATCH 

The Connecticut: New England's Great River*

Presented by Adair Mulligan on October 2, 2020 


The First Amendment*         

Presented by Meg Mott on October 16, 2020  WATCH  

Reading Shakespeare While Black (Black Thought series)

Presented by Dennis Britoon on October 21, 2020  WATCH 

An Evening with Yamiche Alcindor

Special Event, FSHC/Mellon Grant, presented by Yamiche Alcindor on October 28, 2020 

Italian Americans in History and Film

Presented by Graziella Parati on November 6, 2020  WATCH 

Reparations, Its History & Impact: Why Now? (Black Thought series) 

Presented by Woullard Lett on November 11, 2020  WATCH 

Awakening to Racism as a Public Health Issue (Black Thought series)

Presented by Yvonne Goldsberry on November 18, 2020  WATCH 

Forced into Politics: Daniel Webster, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and the Fugitive Slave Crisis*

Presented by Geoffrey Kirsch on December 4, 2020  WATCH 

The Civic Reckoning that was 2020 (and what it means for teaching and learning civics)

Presented by Dianna Terrell on January 8, 2021  WATCH  

Understanding Homelessness in NH      

Presented by Yvonne Vissing on February 5, 2021 

Plague: Stories of Epidemics  

Presented by Kate Gaudet on March 5, 2021  WATCH


The Hot Drinks Revolution

Presented by Dr. Whitney Howarth on April 2, 2021. WATCH