Meet Lucy Stone: Enter the Antebellum World of the Abolition and Women's Rights Movements


Presenter: Judith Black

In this first-person interpretive program, Judith Black introduces American Lucy Stone, the first woman hired by the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society as a public speaker and the "Shining Star" of the Abolition and Women's Rights Movements. The presenter dispels well-worn platitudes about the antebellum North by interjecting historic and personal truths about these social reform movements. Her presentation also paints a dynamic and detailed picture of what it takes to change the world you are born into. Follow Lucy as she makes her case for tax resistance, her challenges to marriage laws and motherhood, and her pro-Emancipation response to the Civil War. Go with her to The American Equal Rights Association Convention in May 1869, where she eloquently supports the 15th Amendment, which gave African-American men the vote. 


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Saturday, July 31, 2021 11:30am


1 Nelson Common Road
Nelson NH 03457

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Olivia Rodham Memorial Library

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Olivia Rodham Memorial Library