Storytelling in the Digital Age


Presenter: Ann McClellan

More and more, the contemporary reading public is turning to digital technology as a means of experiencing literature. The Internet, hyperlink technology, the popularity of e-readers, and readers' desire for multimedia experiences seem, on the surface, to put the future of the book at risk. Scholars for decades have been lamenting the rise of technology and prophesying the death of the book and the humanities. However, rather than seeing one technology (the Internet) defeat another (the printed book), perhaps we are witnessing the dawn of a new genre: digital literature. In an interactive discussion, participants will explore how technology is affecting how we read, write, and experience stories. We will learn about the history and development of electronic literature and hypertext media, the rise of social media and how it affects digital literature (fan fiction, online role playing games, Twitterature, etc.); and the rise of the emerging field of transmedia storytelling where media conglomerates purposefully design texts to work across multiple media platforms. 


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Monday, July 19, 2021 6:00pm


49 Madbury Road
Durham NH 03824

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Durham Public Library

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Jess Ross