Who Counts as the Volk? Migration and Rising Nationalism in Germany


As recent European elections show, the far-right is making enormous gains in Europe’s largest and most powerful democracies. This includes Germany, which was presumed to be immune from far-right politics, having learned the hard lessons of the Nazi era. This talk will explore how recent expansions of German citizenship laws and ideas of culture have also smuggled in new forms of racism and anxiety about the “wrong kind” of immigrants. We will examine how media and popular culture including national sports provide central stages for deciding who belongs in the nation.

Presented by Kate Zambon is an Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of New Hampshire. Her research in global media studies focuses on the politics of nationalism, race, migration, and cultural difference in Germany and Europe through the analysis of international sporting events, news, and entertainment media. Her book, Interrogating Integration: Sport, Celebrity, and Scandal in the Making of New Germany, is forthcoming with the University of Michigan Press.

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Friday, August 16, 2024 5:00pm



Concord NH 03301

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New Hampshire Humanities

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