Gluskabe - The Magical, Powerful Culture Hero Central to Wabanaki Storytelling


Presenter: Anne Jennison

In this traditional Wabanaki storytelling presentation, Anne Jennison will introduce Gluskabe, who is at the center of an entire body of lesson stories that are central to the Wabanaki cultures of New Hampshire and the Northeast. Gluskabe is not the Creator, nor is he human; rather he is somewhere in between. Gluskabe has magical powers, is as tall as the white pine trees, and a friend to the Alnobak (the human beings). Layered with multiple embedded meanings, Gluskabe stories reveal the central spiritual and ethical beliefs of the Wabanaki peoples. They teach traditional Wabanaki understandings about how to live in harmony and balance with Mother Earth – and what kinds of things can happen when that balance is disrupted. Each time a Gluskabe story is heard, something new can be discovered. 


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Wednesday, April 3, 2024 7:00pm


9 Mast Road
Lee NH 03861

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Lee Public Library

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Lee Public Library, 603-659-2626