New Hampshire Cemeteries and Gravestones

Presenter: Glenn Knoblock

  • New Hampshire Cemeteries and Gravestones
  • Granite Women; The Hidden Lives of New Hampshire Women as seen in the Cemetery, 1674-1992
  • Historic African American Grave Sites and Gravestones
  • The Civil War as Seen in New Hampshire Cemeteries

Each of these lectures details the rich variety of cemeteries and gravestones that can be found in town cemeteries all across our state and the forgotten aspects of our history that is therein revealed. They not only tell stories of such historical events as the Great Awakening, the Throat Distemper epidemic, the American Revolution, and the battles of the Civil War, but also reveal how aspects of society in the Granite State, such as the status of women and people of color, have changed over time. Join Glenn to find out more about these deeply personal works of art and learn how to read the stone "pages" that give insight into the vast genealogical book of New Hampshire through the ages. 

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Tuesday, October 10, 2023 6:30pm


Veterans Hall
150 Old Homestead Highway
Richmond NH 03470

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Richmond Historical Society

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Richmond Historical Society, 603-585-9106