Mt. Kearsage Indian Museum Travel Program

Mt. Kearsage Indian Museum will bring its travel program to Rindge. The program is a virtual tour of the Museum, and includes a PowerPoint presentation, artifacts, hands-on activities and a Q & A session. The Museum celebrates a "respect for the earth and all living things," a theme examined in The Bear.

The Rindge Meeting House is an ADA compliant venue, with a ramp and handicap entrance located on the side of the building. Free parking.

Pre-registration appreciated:

Event Details


Saturday, September 30, 2023 1:00pm


Rindge Meeting House
6 Payson Hill Road
Rindge NH 03461

Hosted By:

Ingalls Memorial Library, Rindge Historical Society

Contact Info:

Donna Straitiff 603-899-3303