Bears of North America

Everyone loves bears don't they? In North America, we have three iconic bear species, the Black Bear, Grizzly and Polar Bear. In this program we will explore the similarities and differences between these three, with a special focus on New Hampshire Black Bears. You will learn life cycles, habitat, and surprising features of their anatomy that help them with survival. Helen Dalbeck of the Hooper Institute will lead us in an evening of fun and exploration, a natural history lesson to remember.

The Walpole Town Library is an ADA compliant venue, with a handicap entrance in the front.  Free parking is available on the street.

More information is available on the Walpole Town Library website.

Event Details


Thursday, October 12, 2023 7:00pm


Walpole Town Library
48 Main Street
Walpole NH 03608

Hosted By:

Walpole Town Library. The Hooper Institute

Contact Info:

Jane Malmberg 603-756-9806