This program presents a brief history of the New Hampshire Presidential Primary, from its origins during the Progressive era of the early twentieth century, through its evolution to the most important step toward being elected President of the United States. Based around segments from the documentary "The Premier Primary, New Hampshire and Presidential Elections" this program focuses on several memorable moments such as Senator Muskie crying in front of the Union Leader office, and who paid for Ronald Reagan's microphone. Clips from the documentary are interspersed with discussion and questions about how New Hampshire came to hold this important political event every four years. Led by John Gfroerer, who has produced several documentaries about New Hampshire's political history, including "The Premier Primary."
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Wednesday, April 19, 2023 7:00pm


Center at Eastman, Draper Room
6 Clubhouse Lane
Grantham NH 03753

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Eastman Community Association

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Eastman Community Association