History Alive: Travel through 250 years

History Alive 2022 is an interactive living history experience which will hold its fourth annual weekend event on August 20th and 21st across three venues: Kemp Park, Jones Road and Hillsborough Center. This year History Alive joins in as part of the year-long 250th birthday celebration of Hillsborough, NH. Celebrating 250 years of our town, this year’s special focus of Hillsborough’s History Alive weekend will be on changes in transportation through the centuries and its effect on the state. 

Life During Wartimes
Jones Road location, 44 Shedd Jones Road
History comes alive next to a double stone arch bridge with reenactments by regiments from New England and Canada, with horses and cannons of four wars. Gold panning for kids, civil war comics workshop, a square dance for all ages, and a silent auction are included. Note: Sunday is reenactments only, ending at 2 pm.

Travelling Through 250 Years Along the River at Kemp Park
15 River Street
History comes alive by the river that runs through our town. Abenaki artisans will demonstrate making birchbark canoes, baskets, and pottery, as well as the history of how they used the river and the plants that grow nearby. Railroad buffs will share their stories and photos of the railroads of NH, old timers will share stories of working at the woolen mills, and volunteers will play a vintage baseball game according to 1864 rules. Each day will start with Abenaki drumming.

Travelling Through 250 Years in Historic Hillsboro
Hillsborough Center, 20 E. Washington Rd
History comes alive in the historic village of Hillsborough Center. Hear speakers on the History Roads of NH, the Underground Railroads of NH, and Abenaki Technology of 13,000 years. Try a ride in a horse and carriage around the center. Listen to musicians play/sing music of 250 years, from classical to folk to jazz. Learn how to build a stonewall, forge a horseshoe, make brooms, create stencils, weave and spin. Many activities just for kids. Enjoy the drama of Fire in the Belfry, take part in a cake walk, and celebrate on Sunday with a parade led by an antique bone shaker bicycle.

Visit historyalivenh.org for more information.

Event Details


Saturday, August 20, 2022 9:00am


Hillsborough, NH
20 E. Washington Rd
Hillsborough NH 03244

Hosted By:

Hillsborough Historical Society

Contact Info:

Contact: Life During Wartime: Don Walker, 603-312-2445 Along the River: Marian Baker, 603-478-5650 In Historic Hillsboro: Laurie Jutzi, 603-630-1576