Meet our Connections facilitators...


Emily Archer, writer and facilitator, is grateful for a long-time relationship with New Hampshire Humanities and for opportunities it gives her to meet and engage many wonderful people state-wide. Veterans, hospice and medical staff, people with disabilities, immigrants and refugees, arts communities, and library reading groups have all deepened her love for civic conversation and reflective reading. An avid book-maker, she enjoys passing on that skill and pleasure in Connections classes. Emily lives in Mont Vernon.



Bill Badgley taught ESL, citizenship, and civics for many years at Dover Adult Learning Center. He currently teaches shorter, targeted vocabulary, writing, and literature classes for higher level ESL students. Bill has master’s degrees in secondary English education and in adult education.


Susan Bartlett is a freelance writer and editor and long-time Connections facilitator. She is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Creative Writing and Literature at Harvard Extension School and is an adjunct English faculty member at New England College where she teaches composition. Susan was the Connections Coordinator from 2013 – 2017. She lives on a blueberry farm in the Monadnock Region with her husband, two dogs, four donkeys, and frequent visits from grown children and young grandchildren.

Susan Bubp is seasoned teacher in adult education and participant in many wonderful Connections programs throughout the years. She is hoping to bring her love of plants, animals, and stories to our incredible students through Connections programs. Growing vegetables and flowers and spending time with her friends, family, dog, cats, donkeys, and chickens brings joy to her life.

Alice B Fogel has been New Hampshire's Poet Laureate (through 2019). The author of five poetry collections and a guide to appreciating poetry without having to "get" it, she teaches reading and writing to students with learning disabilities at Landmark College in Putney, VT, and has worked with populations of many backgrounds around a love of literature and other arts. She lives in Walpole. 



Linda Graham, artist, teacher of small children, lives in Concord where she gardens and enjoys the outdoors as much as possible. Having worked with a broad array of families and children, she enjoys facilitating the connections we make between our lives and those in literature.


Judith Hertog is an essayist, journalist, and teacher. She grew up in Amsterdam but immigrated to Israel as a teenager, and, after some wandering around the world, eventually ended up living in Vermont with her family. She lives in Norwich, VT.


Carolyn Hutton is a teacher at Portsmouth Christian Academy and feels lucky to be a New Hampshire Humanities Connections facilitator as well. Her dream is to bring people of all places and ages together through music, writing, reading, and hearing each others’ voices. Now that her four children have scattered around the globe she remains in Madbury with a garden, two cats, and one faithful hen.


Courtney Marshall currently teaches in the English department at Phillips Exeter Academy. Before Exeter, she taught English and Women’s Studies at UNH. She also enjoys researching African-American food history and teaching Zumba classes. She lives in Exeter.


Sunita Pereira currently teaches ESL to adult refugees and immigrants at the International Institute of New England. Sunita is also grateful to be a Connections facilitator as well. Ms. Pereira is an Indian woman who immigrated from Kenya and has also lived in England. She brings her life experiences to the classroom to connect with her students. Aside from her career, Sunita is also passionate about gardening, travel and learning from other cultures. Sunita currently resides in Manchester.


Patrice Pinette, poet, teacher, and tutor, is inspired by collaborations between the arts and loves linking poetry to painting, music, and dance. She works with teenagers at High Mowing School, graduate students in Antioch New England’s Healing Arts in Education program, and, most recently, brings her love of literature and writing to Connections and New Voices. She lives in Wilton.


Cindy Pulkkinen has been in the teaching world since 1985 and is honored to be a New Hampshire Humanities Connections facilitator. She loves books, languages, traveling, and learning from others. Connecting with students and opening a space for all to share is her number one goal. Cindy currently lives in Lincoln.


Maren Tirabassi, author of twenty books, most recently A Child Laughs – Prayers of Justice and Hope, is a writing teacher, new author mentor, workshop facilitator, and pastor, but her happiest job has been the last decade facilitating Connections programs. In 2023, Maren was honored with the New Hampshire Humanities "Excellence in the Humanities" award. She lives in Portsmouth.


Charlie Zoeller brings to his Connections classes his life experiences and love for languages, travel, American history, new arrivals to our country and their cultures, food and histories, civic engagement, books and libraries, music and art, enriched by his careers in human rights, Alzheimer's care, and high school teaching. He lives in Derry.




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