Humanities to Go Application

Completed applications must be received 2 WEEKS before your program date. Questions? Please contact Sue Butman at or (603) 224-4071, ext. 118.

Special note:

Please note: NHH will pay the speaker honorarium. The host organization is responsible for paying the speaker's mileage.
All communications and checks from the New Hampshire Humanities will be mailed to the following address:
Please contact your presenter and confirm date and time before submitting your application. Report ANY event information changes immediately to Sue Butman at (603) 224-4071, ext. 118 or to ensure that your event is listed correctly in our print and online calendars.
Reminder: All Humanities to Go programs must be free and open to the public.

Confirmation e-mail: The program organizer will be sent an email notifying you that your organization has been awarded a Humanities to Go grant. It is up to you to notify your presenter and confirm any space or technology details. It is also up to you to notify your speaker if there is a change to your event.

HTG award: Two weeks before the program the program host will receive a check from New Hampshire Humanities to cover the presenter’s stipend. The program organizer must issue its own check to pay the presenter(s) directly at the completion of the program. The host organization’s check should include the amount of the NHH-funded stipend, total mileage, and, if applicable, any additional fee (up to $125) that has been negotiated by a living history presenter.
Mileage: Host organization is responsible for ALL mileage. Assurance: I certify that the organization(s) and individual(s) named in this application have agreed to participate in the proposed program on the terms specified. I understand and accept the condition that this program must be free and open to the public, that New Hampshire Humanities’ support must be formally acknowledged on ALL printed materials and at the program, and that no audio or video recording is allowed without the presenter’s prior permission.