Perspectives Book Group Application

How to apply:

1.) To apply to host a book group, please download and review the host checklist HERE. 

2.) Contact the facilitator to arrange a time and date for your event. For a list of current facilitators and books available for discussion groups, click HERE.

3.) Once you have confirmed a book and facilitator, complete the online application form below at least four weeks prior to your event or email with any questions.

4.) New Hampshire Humanities will process your application. This includes arranging payment for the book copies and facilitator’s stipend.

Online Application Form

Submit your completed  online application form below or email with questions.

Mileage: The host organization is responsible for ALL mileage for in person programs. Determine the mileage after consulting with your presenter. Use the provided formula to calculate mileage. _______miles round-trip X .65 per mile= $________
Assurance: By submitting this form, I certify that the organization(s) and individual(s) named in this application have agreed to participate in the proposed program on the terms specified. Programs must serve residents of New Hampshire. All participants should receive free, complimentary copies of the book to keep. I understand and accept the condition that this program must be free and open to the public, New Hampshire Humanities’ support must be formally acknowledged on ALL printed or online materials and at the program, and that no audio or video recording is allowed without the facilitator’s prior permission. New Hampshire Humanities will provide the program host with the requested number of books and $250 to cover the facilitator’s fee. I agree as program host to pay the facilitator $250 plus total mileage, with a check from my organization, at the in-person program. The $250 check should be mailed to the facilitator if a virtual program. I agree to complete all required program evaluations and attendance forms within two weeks of the end of the program.