2020 Facilitator Evaluations

Your comments will help us strengthen the Connections program. Please use these questions as a guide and reflect on your experience in as much space as you need. If you have questions, please contact Mary Nolin, Connections Program Manager, at mnolin@nhhumanities.org.

The reading and discussions: We love to hear details – outstanding quotes, AHA! moments; ways in which the experience made authentic connections to participants’ lives, and promoted new understanding.  What of value emerged from the discussions? Thank you!
Your program ideas that enhanced the discussions: Describe a group activity, technique, or particular method of discussion that you found worked well with this group of readers to build understanding of a theme and enhance the reading experience. You can also send a plan if available, to be added to the facilitator resource guide.
Based on your activities described above, did any of these activities focus specifically on: (‘X’ all that apply in the boxes provided)
Based on your interactions with the literacy coordinator/teacher and Connections Program Manager/New Hampshire Humanities in the planning and implementation of this series, what worked well? What could be improved?