2020 Connections Teacher Evaluation

Your evaluation is essential for the continuation of the Connections program. We collect teacher comments and participant data for grant writing purposes. Your feedback helps us offer the best program possible. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Nolin at mnolin@nhhumanities.org.

Looking back at goals from your initial Connections application, did the series meet your goals?  In what way? Did the books support your or your students’ goals?
DISCUSSIONS:  Please describe moments that made a particular impression on you during the discussions. We are especially looking for great quotes from students to use in our grant seeking materials.
Do you have suggestions for improvement? (For facilitators? Contact with program manager? Website? Book selection/themes?)
In what ways will you use any methods or materials from Connections in your future classes?

BENEFITS:  How did your class benefit? Please write the number of participants in each of these categories:
Reading Skills
Listening Skills
Conversation Skills
Group Interaction
Knowledge of Culture or History
Work or Life Skills
Critical Thinking


ATTENDANCE:  Your records are essential for the continuation of the program. We collect participant data for grant reporting purposes only. Please report the number of all individual students who attended, even if they came to only one session.  Please write the number of attendees in each of these categories:


Race/Ethnic Categories



Prison FCC Staff ONLY

Gender of Children