Magazine ads and radio commercials aimed at the home front were used extensively during WWII to explain shortages, encourage support of wartime restrictions, increase bond sales, request recycling of strategic materials, boost morale, and suggest ways to support our troops. Calvin Knickerbocker uses over 50 period magazine ads and radio commercials to illustrate the concerted effort by which the U.S. government fostered these aims. Never before or since has the US used the media so effectively to support a wartime effort.  

Calvin Knickerbocker is an independent scholar with a degree in electrical engineering from Union College and thirty years experience in marketing and education at IBM. He developed and delivered a dozen courses on American musical history for Rivier Institute for Senior Education (RISE) and has presented in retirement communities, senior centers and other venues in New Hampshire and New York. He has taught over 20 different courses to senior citizens at Rivier University since 1999 and given Humanities To Go presentations since 2004.