From Cave Art to Archie: Comics in World History & Cultures

Marek Bennett presents a whirlwind survey of comics from around the world and throughout history, with special attention to what these vibrant narratives tell (and show) us about the people and periods that created them. The program explores the various ways of creating and reading comics from around the world, including some surprising art forms that you might not ever have considered as "comics"! Bennett engages and involves the audience in an interactive discussion of several sample comics representing cultures such as Ancient Rome, Medieval Europe, the Ancient Maya, Feudal and modern Japan, and 20th century comics cultures, with a special focus on Archie creator Bob Montana's career and life in Meredith, NH.

DIY Humanities in Action!

Before or after this program at Meredith Public Library, visit the newly installed statue of Archie in Meredith’s Community Park. Read more