New! Humanities @ Work

Americans are working more than ever, and the pace of our lives has increased in ways we would have never imagined even a decade ago. In response to the changing nature of work and New Hampshire Humanities’ strategy of engaging an increasingly diverse constituency in high quality humanities experiences that enrich personal and public life, New Hampshire Humanities, in partnership with members of our state’s business community and associations, has developed an employer-based pilot project called Humanities @ Work.

Why Humanities @ Work?

Recently, New Hampshire Humanities adopted an operational philosophy in support of our strategic plan. This new operational philosophy is defined by three principles: Access, Innovation, and Elevation. We believe the Humanities @ Work pilot project allows New Hampshire Humanities the opportunity to increase participation in our programming by encouraging those who have historically not participated in our programming (e.g., younger working adults, communities of color) the opportunity to do so by bringing programming to them though the identification of new venues and partners from outside our traditional sectors.

Who is Humanities @ Work intended to serve?

New Hampshire Humanities established Humanities @ Work to support the needs of New Hampshire’s employers and their employees. We believe this effort provides tangible value to our business community and their employee retention strategies.

How does Humanities @ Work “work”?

Humanities @ Work allows local employers to pick from an existing roster of humanities programs in our community-based Humanities to Go program. If requested, local employers can partner with New Hampshire Humanities and its Humanities @ Work partner organizations to develop company specific programs in response to a pre-existing organizational need.

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