What Matters Through the Ages


Historian Dr. Jennifer Martinez opens Brewster Academy's virtual speaker series Our Shared Humanity with a consideration of women’s values and interests through the ages. In her talk she draws connections between what mattered to women from the ancient world and what matters to women featured in 200 Women. Dr. Martinez’s talk responds to the exhibition question “What really matters to you?”

To learn more and register for this event, visit https://events.brewsteracademy.org/what-matters-through-the-ages/

200 Women is an international photography exhibition that offers a representation of global diversity. Through powerful images and their words, these women—some famous, some not—present themselves, their stories and their humanity to viewers.

The women respond to five questions: Which single word do you most identify with? What really matters to you? What brings you happiness What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? What would you change if you could? Which single word do you most identify with? What really matters to you?

The 200 Women exhibition will be open to the public during the month of May and the virtual speaker series is every Tuesday evening 7-8 p.m. April 26 through May 24.

This project was funded in part through a Community Project Grant from New Hampshire Humanities.

Event Details


Tuesday, April 26, 2022 7:00pm


80 Academy Drive
Wolfeboro NH 03894

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Brewster Academy

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Nancy Hughes, nhughes@brewsteracademy.org.