Rally Round the Flag: The American Civil War Through Folksong

This event has been cancelled.

Presenter: Marek Bennett

Marek Bennett presents an overview of the American Civil War through the lens of period music. Audience members participate and sing along as the presenter explore lyrics, documents, and visual images from sources such as the Library of Congress. Through camp songs, parlor music, hymns, battlefield rallying cries, and fiddle tunes, Bennett examines the folksong as a means to enact living history, share perspectives, influence public perceptions of events, and simultaneously fuse and conserve cultures in times of change. Showcasing numerous instruments, the presenter challenges participants to find new connections between song, art, and politics in American history. 

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Monday, November 14, 2022 5:00pm


NHTI Learning Commons Library
31 College Drive
Concord NH 03301

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NHTI Learning Commons Library

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NHTI Learning Commons Library