Development Director Jessica Eshleman moving on to new peaks to summit

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Dear Fellow Lifelong Learner,
Four and a half years with New Hampshire Humanities has called me to trek physically and metaphorically all across this state. I recall the first program I attended as a staff member. Five women from Burundi who now call NH home used beautiful textile creations as a “loom” upon which to weave their stories. 
My hands are not nimble, nor can I design or create clothes. I was not 10 years old when I first tasted chocolate. I have never feared rape when looking for drinking water. I’ve not boarded a plane taking me permanently to a new country, a new climate, a new everything to flee very real danger. Still, these women and I are now neighbors. And I am a better neighbor because of that evening at the Laconia Public Library.
Experiencing the humanities is much like exploring the mountains I cherish. Trails that are enchantingly beautiful often lead to summits with humbling views. In NH, though, hikers must also navigate challenging boulder fields, scrambles, and ledges. Every mountain I climb creates space for personal reflection, just as New Hampshire Humanities programs create community where I can consider my heritage, that of others, and ultimately how our very humanness connects and transcends all of that.
My time on staff has also intensely affirmed that pursuing an advanced degree in the humanities is the next peak that is calling. Mid-December marks my final days in the office and the beginning of an exciting personal chapter devoted to exploring the human condition through higher education. I will remain forever grateful to all who have made this time so meaningful and especially thankful to all, who like me, believe that investing in New Hampshire Humanities programs is one of the most significant gifts we can give our Granite State neighbors. 
Please consider joining me in celebrating the importance of face-to-face conversations, the essential work of adult literacy, those ah-ha moments experienced at so many programs, and those larger moments when one’s path –like my own– becomes illuminated by the power of the humanities. Your tax-deductible gift, joined with mine, will help nourish the mind and feed the soul of our fellow hungry lifelong learners.  
Gratefully yours,
Jessica Eshleman
Development Director