28th Annual Dinner a memorable celebration of the humanities

At the 28th Annual Dinner in late October, New Hampshire Humanities continued a long tradition of hosting nationally and internationally-recognized keynote speakers as we welcomed author and cognitive scientist, Steven Pinker, who spoke on themes from his in new book, Enlightenment Now: The Case for The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress.

In addition to our illustrious keynote, the evening included a fond farewell to Debbie Watrous, New Hampshire Humanities’ long-time executive director, and a celebration of 24 years of service that has left a lasting legacy on the humanities and culture in the Granite State. In her farewell message, Debbie announced the completion of the Campaign for the Humanities, a $2.1 million campaign to ensure the humanities remain accessible to future generations of New Hampshire citizens.

“Debbie Watrous is a crusader for the public humanities,” wrote Dr. Kathy Mathis, project director for New Hampshire Humanities, in a tribute to Debbie. “For the past 24 years she has conceived and cultivated ideas that germinate into reflective experience, new knowledge, and longstanding cultural partnerships. She’s trodden through the weeds of program development, endured threats to fiscal stability, and answered with visionary shrewdness doubts about the value of philosophy, literature, and history… Hers will be a difficult role to fill, but she has left behind a clear and aspirational legacy that, if it cannot be matched, can be emulated.”

Thank you to our generous Annual Dinner sponsors for supporting this major statewide celebration of the humanities. If you missed the event, you can listen to the keynote address on our YouTube channel at www. YouTube.com/nhhumanities, or see photos at www.facebook.com/newhampshirehumanities.