Open Questions: Is Privacy Dead?

"Open Questions” is a new program presented by New Hampshire Humanities. This series explores essential questions about meaning and life that are important to Granite Staters. Each program is facilitated by philosophy professors using a thought-provoking discussion format. Dr. Maria Sanders will facilitate this discussion on the topic “Is Privacy Dead?”

Maria Sanders is a philosophy professor and coordinates the philosophy program at Plymouth State University. She is an applied ethicist whose research engages the public in scholarly philosophical dialogue within the areas of medicine, business, education, and law while encouraging thoughtful interaction with existing and emerging technologies in an attempt to create opportunities for civic engagement and reflective living. Dr. Sanders also hosts a weekly radio program on WPCR-Plymouth (91.7 FM) entitled Philosophy 4 Life which offers a public forum for philosophical discourse. She also co-hosts a television show, Happiness Quest, on Pemi-Baker Cable TV and is currently leading a town-wide "Happiness Quest" in Plymouth, New Hampshire.


NOTE: Dr. Sanders will be on sabbatical from 8/1/19-2/29/20. She will not be taking bookings during this time.