"If I am Not For Myself, Who Will Be for Me?" George Washington's Runaway Slave

During the fall of 1796, George Washington's final months in office, Ona Judge, a slave in his household, escaped the Executive Mansion in Philadelphia. For every significant historic figure there is a complex story, sometimes a more unpleasant, less-known side that must be understood to provide a complete portrait of that person. Washington was incensed by Ona's escape and expended considerable effort to recapture her. She ultimately fled to Portsmouth, where she was protected by the residents, and went on to live her life in freedom in New Hampshire. Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti portrays Judge in this living history program based on Ona's own account of her escape as told to a journalist. THE PUBLIC IS WELCOME TO JOIN FOR COFFEE, REFRESHMENTS, AND SOCIALIZATION BEGINNING AT 10AM WITH PROGRAM TO FOLLOW AT 10:15AM.