The Coloring of Law & Punishment: Exploring the Role of Race, Ethnicity, and Class in Incarceration


Funded in part by New Hampshire Humanities, the Black Heritage Trail of NH will host two programs in their Elinor Williams Hooker Tea Talk programs. These dialogues act as a catalyst for deeper excavating of New Hampshire’s Black history, while also facilitating intellectual and communal connections between racism’s grip on our past and its contemporary manifestations.

This dialogue will explore the history of law and punishment in New Hampshire, disproportionate incarceration rates of racial and ethnic minorities, and the social impact of mass incarceration. Presenters will examine the consequences of incarceration on communities of color, intensifying surveillance and criminalization of poor and Black communities, and what a shift from punitive to restorative justice within our criminal system could look like.

Presenters: Devon Chaffee, Bill Celester, Carlos Camacho, Dan Feltes
Moderator: Tonya Evans