Campaign for the Humanities


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Sustaining Excellence, Innovation
and Access for the Future

For more than 40 years, New Hampshire Humanities has brought residents together to explore essential questions of meaning and value.


These live, face-to-face encounters enhance our capacity to discern, reflect, listen, and converse thoughtfully and respectfully. They reinforce the obligations of citizenship. And they build trust and connectedness among neighbors, nearby and around the globe.  

Each year, in partnership with more than 300 local organizations, New Hampshire Humanities brings opportunities for learning, reflection, and civil conversation to more than 70,000 residents through more than 540 free public programs and broadcasts held in 165 different communities.

After 40 years of service to the citizens of New Hampshire, it is time to chart a course that will ensure that the humanities remain accessible to all New Hampshire residents for decades to come. 

How will we achieve that?

By investing in new ventures in programming and communications, by investing in increased autonomy and reducing our dependence on federal funding, and by establishing a hub for innovation and collaboration.

The Campaign for the Humanities will support three important initiatives:

Humanities to Go Fund  $1,400,000
Thanks to a $350,000 Challenge Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, we will have the opportunity to transform our most popular and far-reaching program, Humanities to Go. Over the next 10 years, Humanities to Go will expand to include... (read more)

New Ventures Fund  $600,000
We've developed a unique and valuable niche – live, in-person encounters with ideas and with our neighbors. Recognizing the power of technology to attract new participants, we will extend the learning and reflection available to participants by developing online resources that will support... (read more)

The Humanities Hub  $1,200,000

Looking toward the future, New Hampshire Humanities seeks greater autonomy, including greater control over workspace and a physical home that will allow us to host programs and provide technology support. The "Humanities Hub" will be the center of humanities activity across the state... (read more)


To learn more about how the Campaign for the Humanities will bring
innovation and access for the future, read more here.

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